Our team of seasoned investigators brings a high level of expertise to any construction defect case. We perform construction defect investigations on building types from single family homes to industrial complexes. We conduct investigations, analyze the data, summarize the findings, and most importantly, provide practical and comprehensive solutions.

Pacific Building Insight has over 40 years of experience helping clients avoid and resolve claims & disputes. At the front end, we analyze and help negotiate contracts & change orders, and when needed, we provide written claims evaluations and expert testimony. We can also provide neutral expert service for all parties with an unbiased perspective.

We have managed, from concept to completion, a broad range of major development projects for governmental and private developers, including multiple-use high-rise towers, residential subdivisions, industrial, mid-rise offices and various unique commercial projects. We have expertise in all project delivery methods.

We assist our clients at any stage of their projects from concept, to baseline, through completion. Critical path scheduling is the key component to keep your project on time and on budget while mitigating future claims. Our forensic scheduling and expert testimony experience makes us the leading consulting firm for delay and acceleration claims.

With over a decade of experience, we know how to visually present your story. Pacific Building Insight has set the standard for excellence in visual exhibits for construction litigation cases in the Pacific Northwest. Our graphics team creates custom demonstratives that have been featured in multi-million dollar State and Federal trials and arbitrations.

We provide a range of envelope consulting services, from design details evaluation and field mock ups to documentation of design implementation. We help you prevent unwanted litigation and prevent costly remediation by providing sound design solutions.

Our team of experts can assist your organization with estimates, tracking and cost control. With in house architectural, engineering and contractor experience we have gained valuable working knowledge in value engineering, contracts, change order processing, earned value analysis, and other cost saving techniques.

We provide training in Critical Path Scheduling Best Practices, Estimating & Cost Control, Construction Claims Avoidance & Resolution, Construction Defect Investigation and Resolution, Administrating CM/GC Contracts, Successful CM/GC Proposals, and many other topics.