A few years ago, Pacific Building Insight was hired to do an analysis of Meriwether Condominiums when problems began to emerge with the buildings.  The condos are located in Portland’s South Waterfront district on the Willamette River.  They consist of two high rise towers and two low rise buildings surrounding a central courtyard built over an underground parking garage.  Constructed with the latest in sustainable construction technology, the builders used eco roofs, non-toxic paint, wheat board cabinetry, energy efficient appliances and water saving devices just to name a few.

The buildings experienced a few issues which included leaking in the parking garage located under the courtyard.  Several stop-gap measures were attempted, but in the end, the owner’s had the entire courtyard with pavers, planters and a fountain removed to waterproof the top side of the parking garage and then reinstalled all the courtyard items.  During the investigation, Pacific Building Insight assisted in locating the source of the leaking issues, observed and documented crack testing to determine continued slab movement, and flood testing to identify the most severe leaking locations.

Thorough testing is just one aspect of our services we pride ourselves on and we are proud to have been a part of this case.