Pacific Building Insight performed a thorough investigation of the Shadow Hills Apartments. The project had a variety of defect related issues, with the primary issues tied to the inadequate connection and slope of the decks, which completely surround the buildings. The resultant damage to the building included organic growth at many deck to wall transitions. There were discontinuous and reverse lapped conditions of the building paper at door thresholds and windows, roofing issues, and overall water proofing shortfalls which further complicated the issues for remediation.

Pacific Building Insight acted as the Construction Manager during the repairs for the Shadow Hills Apartment complex and was the main point of communication for the Owner, Architect, Engineer, Contractor, and all other Consultants.

We performed a thorough review of all details for the remediation efforts to ensure accuracy and completeness. A preliminary construction budget and overall project schedule was developed and maintained to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

While under construction, Pacific Building Insight conducted weekly site observations to document the repair process and ensure the contractor was performing all work in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the architect’s specifications and drawings. This oversight resulted in a successful remediation of the building.