Pacific Building Insight can assist you in just about every aspect of building development. We recently had the opportunity to be more involved when local homeowners contacted us about leaking issues.

We conducted an initial brief inspection of their home and developed a plan for a concise but thorough invasive inspection scope. In conjunction with representatives of the contractors who installed the failing components, we investigated the current conditions and documented our findings.

Based on our findings, we prepared a repair scope, had it priced by several reputable contractors, and assisted the homeowner with choosing a contractor to perform the repair work. In determining that significant waterproofing measures would need to be put in place to ensure the situation did not repeat itself, we drew up the waterproofing details and coordinated with the contractors to complete the repairs.

Acting as owner’s representative, we documented the progress of repairs and represented the homeowners in expert meetings and mediation. This last step was crucial in recovering a majority of the repair costs.

Our client’s needs are our top priority no matter how small a part we play in construction remediation, but we really enjoy the opportunity to help our clients see a positive outcome.