The Cambridge Condominiums are some of the most beautiful in northwest Portland. Positioned at the foot of the Northwest Heights neighborhood, they consist of five buildings housing 61 penthouses and condominiums and nine townhomes that face NW 24th Avenue.

The project faced some major problems during the building phase. It was approaching 55% completion without a final building permit or a complete design.  Tension had been building between the developer, contractor and design team which ultimately led to the design architect being dismissed. A new architect was hired, but the addition left the design team’s structure and responsibilities unclear, not to mention that it was already running behind schedule and over budget.

In late 2006, Owner’s counsel recommended hiring Pacific Building Insight to help manage the project. The owner agreed and John Costello became the owner’s representative. One of John’s first steps was to confirm LRS Architects in the traditional lead role of completing design documents and overseeing all design consultants. He then worked to help the involved parties merge into a highly functional team.

There were challenges along the way, such as when they realized there was natural water coming in from the hill the building was set into. The city of Portland wanted to charge for water being drained into the sewer system, which would raise the cost of living in the units considerably. John was able to lead multiple parties, including the City of Portland, to an optimal solution: the water was collected and pumped to a City line that was in need of additional clean water flow, and also pumped into a storage tank to be used as project gray water.

The condominiums were completed in December of 2009, ahead of the projected completion date and significantly under the projected budget overrun. The materials and workmanship were true to the outstanding design of the building. Quality of craft, great design and superb location assured that the Cambridge ranks as one of the top condominium projects in Northwest Portland.